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Abdel Rahman Abdel Samie

Hieratic Documents from the Ramesside Period in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

GHP Egyptology 14

This is a publication of 17 ostraca and 2 jar labels from the Valley of the Kings. They all attribute to Th. Davis and Carter/ Carnarvon's excavations. The corpus of this research has revealed that workmen likely exploited the Valley of the Kings as a
temporary settlement. This hypothesis is corroborated by the recent
excavations that discovered a wide spread of huts throughout the main valley along with its lateral ones. The increase in number of workmen that took place sometime during the ruling years of Ramses IV would have provided the impetus to build these huts as a sort of temporary inhabiting extension to the neighbouring settlement of Deir el Medina.

ISBN: 978-1-906137-21-2

A4, 120 pages, 16 plates

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