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Gunnar Sperveslage

Die frühen Inschriften Ägyptens. Eine Konkordanz der Nummerierungssysteme

(Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie 24)

about 230 pages, A4, paperback

ISBN 978-1- 906137-75-5

This publication provides a concordance of numbering systems addressing the Early Egyptian inscriptions (Dyn. 0–3). The numbering system, which was originally introduced by J. Kahl (1994) and which was expanded by I. Regulski in her “Database of Early Dynastic inscriptions”, is mapped on the numbering system defined by J. Kahl, N. Kloth and U. Zimmermann (1995) for the 3 rd Dynasty inscription and on the numbering of P. Kaplony (IÄF, IÄFS, KBIÄF). An overview of the different systems and some background information are given in the introduction. Furthermore, as a final goal of this publication, the numbering system has been expended to provide a unique identifier for each inscription that can be used as a reference in databases and printed publications. (German introduction).

(autumn 2021)


Gianluca Miniaci, Peter Lacovara (eds)

The Treasure of the Egyptian Queen Ahhotep and International Relations at the Turn of the Middle Bronze Age (1550 BCE)

250 pages, colour plates, A4 ISBN 9781906137724

(autumn 2021)


Jana Helmbold-Doyé

Pharos (Alexandria)
Insel der Gräber und Heiligtümer

(Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie 23)

about 504 pages, A4, paperback

ISBN 978-1-906137-73-1

This book provides a first-time overview of all archaeological remains from the necropolises Anfuschi and Ras el-Tin in Alexandria, which can be located on the ancient island of Pharos. The individual chapters contain detailed information on the architecture, wall paintings of tombs and cultic installations. In addition, the previously unpublished finds are finally documented through numerous drawings and photos with detailed descriptions. In particular, the movable goods of Pharos reflect the burial customs of Alexandria from the late Ptolemaic era to the early Roman Empire. Furthermore, this volume includes old archival material, such as photographs and drawings, and thus provides a comprehensive overview of the complex hypogea (tombs). Together with new interpretations, this publication conveys a complete picture of a small island at the gates of Alexandria (German text).

(autumn 2021)





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