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A Good Scribe and Exceedingly Wise Man
Studies in Honour of W.J. Tait

edited by A. Dodson, J. Johnston and W. Monkhouse

GHP Egyptology 21


ISBN 978-1-906137-33-5

348 pages; A4

£60 - $120

A tribute to the ongoing career of the W.J. Tait, Emeritus Professor of Egyptology at University College London.

A volume of essays by the friends, colleagues and students of Professor Tait, written in his honour. These cover a wide range of topics, from Middle Kingdom tomb-furnishings, through texts in a range of ancient languages to modern biography and the history of Egyptology, but in particular the Late, Hellenistic, and Roman Period studies that have been at the core of Professor Tait's distinguished Egyptological career.




W.J. Tait: a life in Egyptology

W.J. Tait: a bibliography to 2013

New Evidence for Prince Ahmose (Sapair) - CarolAndrews

Limestone and Plaster Royal Sculpture of the Late and Ptolemaic Periods in the Fitzwilliam Museum - Sally-Ann Ashton

A Demotic Tax List from the Thebaid - W. Clarysse, C.J. Martin & D.J. Thompson

L'alphabet des oiseaux (O. dém. DelM 4-2). - Didier Devauchelle

De Lacy O'Leary: Copticist, historian of the ancient eastern church and flawed cleric of the Anglican Church - Aidan Dodson, M.J. Crossley Evans

The Contribution of the Coptic Fragments from de Lagarde's Catenae in evangelia Aegyptiacae quae supersunt to ourUnderstanding and interpretation of Certain of Eusebius of Caesarea's Quaestiones ad Stephanum et ad Marinum - Carol Downer

The Tomb of Khnumhotep at Rifeh - Wolfram Grajetzki

A Gazelle, a Lute Player and Bes: three ring bezels from Amarna - Carolyn Graves-Brown

Pastophoros Friedhelm Hoffmann & - Joachim Friedrich Quack

Jaroslav C ern ý and his work at Deir el-Med”na Jac. J. Janssen & Rosalind M. Janssen

Rewriting History: Shadi Abdel Salam's The Night of Counting the Years - John J. Johnston

Some Ramesside Exotica - K.A. Kitchen

The Egyptian Attitude to the Persians - Alan B Lloyd

A Very Bright Poet, a Long Time Ago
considerations of language, meaning and the mind during the Bronze Age - Bill Manley

Correspondence from the Necropolis: two demotic letters from the Sacred Animal Necropolis, North Saqqara - CaryJ. Martin, H.S. Smith & Sue Davies

Landholders, Rents and Crops in a Ptolemaic Village: P. Heid. Dem. inv. 46 - Andrew Monson

Scribal Practice and an Early Dynastic Stone Vessel Inscription: Material and Aesthetic Implications - Kathryn Piquette

Visions of Gods: P. Vienna D 6633–6636, a fragmentary pantheon in a demotic dream book - LuigiPrada

A Fragment from the Beginning of Papyrus Spiegelberg (P. Carlsberg 565) - Kim Ryholt

Preparing for an Excavation: the 1909-10 EEF season at Abydos - Patricia Spencer

Logistische Probleme im Aussenposten - Heinz-Josef Thissen 291

The Sale of a Female Donkey - J. David Thomas

Go Figure: metaphor, metonymy and the practice of translation in the ‘First Tale of Setne Khaemwas' - Steve Vinson

A White Wall is a Fool's Paper - S.P. Vleeming



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