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Christian Langer (editor)

Perspectives of Egyptologies and on
Egyptologies in a Globalized World

GHP Egyptology 26

ISBN 9781906137557

paperback, A4, 220 pages

£45 - $ 80


the volume is per reviewed

Global Egyptology: Negotiations in the Production of Knowledges on Ancient Egypt in Global Contexts brings together contributions by young Egyptologists from all over the world. The volume overall stresses the interconnection of Egyptology and global political developments, past and present, and highlights the role of multidisciplinary ventures in developing new interpretations. In three parts, the contributions engage with issues of theory and methodology in Egyptology, political and social history of Pharaonic Egypt, late pharaonic and Graeco-Roman ideology and interconnections, as well as national implementations of Egyptology. To understand Egyptology as a global field of engagement, ancient Egypt and its scientific investigation are seen in global contexts. Histories of research on Egypt in global South countries are introduced in the process, challenging the traditional European framework of the field as the model of choice for the future of Egyptology.

Foreword by Juan Carlos Moreno García

Introduction: Perspectives of Egyptologies and on Egyptologies in a Globalised World
Christian Langer

“The Year of Hyenas when there was a Famine”: An Assessment of Environmental Causes for
the Events of the Twentieth Dynasty
Edward Mushett Cole

Beyond Sacred Cows and Normative Illusions: Modern Perceptions and Past Realities of Social
Order an Stability in Ancient Egypt
Willem Paul van Pelt

Forced Migration in New Kingdom Egypt: Remarks on the Applicability of Forced Migration
Studies Theory in Egyptology
Christian Langer

“The Best of the Booty of his Majesty”: Evidence for Foreign Child Labour in New Kingdom Egypt
Uroš Matić

Ancient Egyptian Business Travel Management: Between Economic Considerations and Religious Ideals
Marina Reinemer

There and Back (?) Again: The Ideological Significance of Tanutamani’s Travel into Egypt
Elizabeth A. Eltze

Contacts between Egypt and India during the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods: An Overview of the Evidence
Marwan Kilan

Titus and the Apis Bull: Reflections on the Socio-Political Importance of the Memphite Divine
Bull in Roman Egypt
Nenad Marković

The Manipulation of Time and Chronology in Demotic Narratives: A Narratological Approach
Lawrence Xu-Nan

Of Pilgrims and Poets, Prisoners and Politics: The Story of Egyptology in Russia
Alexandre A. Loktionov

An Early History of Egyptology in Japan with a Focus on Philological Studies
Yōko Nishimura & So Miyagawa

Tropical Egypt: The Development of Egyptology in Brazil and its Future Challenges
Thais Rocha da Silva

Budding Lotus: Egyptology in China from the 1840s to Today
Tian Tian


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