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Change and Innovation in Middle Kingdom Art
Proceedings of the MeKeTRE Study Day
held at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (3rd May 2013)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 4)

Lubica Hudáková, Peter Jánosi and Andrea Kahlbacher

hardcover, A4, 144 pages, 16 colour plates

ISBN 9781906137502

£45 - $100


The creativity of artistic production during the Middle Kingdom is vast and highly appreciated, but still far from fully understood.
The studies presented in this volume aim to present this extraordinary output of two and three-dimensional artworks in a critical reevaluation
of old ideas and convictions while advancing new methods and exchanging ideas. The core of “Change and Innovation” is looking at traditions,
seeking answers to changes, and hoping to provide a better understanding of the concept of the salient characteristics of Middle Kingdom art.


Table of contents:

Développement stylistique et « ateliers ». La sculpture du Moyen Empire tardif
Simon Connor

Let the Old Kingdom end and the Middle Kingdom begin!
Biri Fay

Some aspects of the decorative and cult programme of Twelfth Dynasty tombs at Qaw el-Kebir
Elisa Fiore Marochetti

Dying and mourning between the Old and Middle Kingdoms – some peculiar scenes from Thebes, el-Moalla, and Gebelein
Lubica Hudáková

The Menu Please! Individualism vs. standardisation in funerary repast scenes from the Early Dynastic Period to the Middle Kingdom
Andrea Kahlbacher

Did the « reunification style » affect the production of Middle Kingdom royal statuary?
David Lorand

Playing with Traditions. The decoration of Djehutyhotep II’s tomb at Deir el-Bersha reconsidered
Gabriele Pieke

Dogs, dwarfs, and carrying chairs
Vera Vasiljević



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