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Middle Kingdom Studies

edited by Gianluca Miniaci (contact:

Advisory Board:

Dorothea Arnold, Bettina Bader, Marilina Betrò, Marleen De Meyer, Juan Carlos Moreno García,
Alexander Ilin-Tomich, Patricia Rigault, Stephen Quirke, Gloria Rosati, Andréas Stauder, Danijela Stefanović,
Pascal Vernus, Cornelius von Pilgrim, Josef Wegner, Paul Whelan


MKS is a peer-reviewed series with an advisory board of international renown, and from 2018 indexed by Scopus/Elsevier.
The series encompasses all aspects of the Middle Bronze Age in Egypt 2050-1550 BC.
MKS has two aims: to provide, within a focussed editorial structure, new direction and impetus to the Middle Kingdom research; and to create a discussion space for both established and emerging scholars,
who wish to publish new ideas, researches, and findings relating to this period. The series also aims to go beyond a geographical segmentation of ancient history of Egypt,
opening the field beyond its geographical borders, encouraging the submission of studies on Nubian, Mediterranean, and Near Eastern topics relating to that time scope and Egypt.


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Melanie Pitkin

Egypt in the First Intermediate Period: The History and Chronology of its False Doors and Stelae

(Middle Kingdom Studies 13)

ISBN 9781906137816, A4, paperback, 369 pages and 13 colour plates

London 2023


Gianluca Miniaci, Wolfram Grajetzki (eds)

The World of the Middle Kingdom III

(Middle Kingdom Studies 12)


359 pages, 16 colour plates ISBN 978-1-906137-74-8; £80


22 Essays on Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Egypt. The articles include a high number of first time published objects.

Contents page HERE

Gianluca Miniaci, Peter Lacovara (eds)

The Treasure of the Egyptian Queen Ahhotep and International Relations at the Turn of the Middle Bronze Age (1550 BCE)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 11)

312 page, plus 16 colour plates; paperback A4 ISBN 9781906137724
price £80

The personal adornments and objects from the burial of Queen Ahhotep belong to one of the most spectacular finds from Ancient Egypt. The history of their discovery is still a mystery. Even the identity of the queen is not fully solved. The twelve essays in this volume tackle different problems around the objects from the tomb of the queen.

March 2022


Simon Connor

Être et paraître, Statues royales et privées de la fin du Moyen Empire et de la Deuxième Période intermédiaire (1850-1550 av. J.-C.)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 10)

This volume presents an evaluation of late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period (c. 1850 to 1550 BC) sculpture.
Style, material and dating are discussed in length. The book is well illustrated (more than 100 b/w plates) and includes a catalogue of all statues of the period.

text in French, English and Arabic summaries

ISBN: 9781906137663, 620 pages, hardcover, about 638 bw photos

£75 - $150


Aaron M. de Souza
New Horizons: The Pan-Grave ceramic tradition in context

(Middle Kingdom Studies)

280 pages, including 8 colour plates.; ISBN 9781906137656

This volume serves as a catalogue and handbook for the description for  Pan-Grave ceramics ,
and that considers the Pan-Grave tradition and its ceramic production within the broader socio-cultural framework of Ancient Egypt
and Nubia during the mid-Second Millennium BC.

£60 - $120


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Peter Jánosi, Claus Jurman, Uta Siffert and Lubica Hudáková (editors)

Art-facts and Artefacts
Visualising the Material World in Middle Kingdom Egypt

(Middle Kingdom Studies 8)

ISBN 978-1906137601

A4, about 102 pages, 16 colour plates

Papers of a conference in Vienna, 2017.


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Micòl Di Teodoro

Labour organisation in Middle Kingdom Egypt

(Middle Kingdom Studies 7)

A4, paperback, 240 pages, including 8 colour plates

ISBN 978-1906137588

UK price: £60 - US price: $120


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Alexander Ilin-Tomich

From Workshop to Sanctuary
The Production of Late Middle Kingdom
Memorial Stelae

(Middle Kingdom Studies 6)


ISBN: 9781906137540

A4, paperback, 353 pages

UK £75 - US $150

Danijela Stefanović

Dossiers of Ancient Egyptian Women
The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period

(Middle Kingdom Studies 5)


paperback, 224 + x pages; ISBN 978-1906137519

UK £30 - US $60

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Change and Innovation in Middle Kingdom Art
Proceedings of the MeKeTRE Study Day
held at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (3rd May 2013)

(Middle Kingdom Studies 4), London 2016

Lubica Hudáková, Peter Jánosi and Andrea Kahlbacher

hardcover, A4, 144 pages, 16 colour plates, ISBN 9781906137502

£45 - $100

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Stephen Quirke

Birth tusks: the armoury of health in context Egypt 1800 BC.

including publication of Petrie Museum examples photographed by
Gianluca Miniaci, and drawin from photographs by Andrew Boyce

(Middle Kingdom Studies 3)


A4, hardcover, 704 pages, 8 colour plates

£75 - $150

ISBN 978-1906137496


The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC), Volume II

(Middle Kingdom Studies 2), London 2016

edited by Gianluca Miniaci, Wolfram Grajetzki

360 pages, 8 colour plates A4, ISBN 9781906137489

£75 - $150

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The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC), Volume I

edited by G. Miniaci and W. Grajetzki

(Middle Kingdom Studies I), London 2015

A4, paperback, 384 pages, 8 colour plates

ISBN 978-1906137434

UK: £75 - US: $150


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